Serious about skin

If you are really serious about skin quality and looking your absolute best, we'd recommend a combination of treatments

We have a wide range of treatments for improving your skin and they work really well on their own.  BUT…you can make the effects even better by combining them with other treatments.  

For example, to get the best results when eradicating wrinkles, you can improve the skin's quality and condition before undertaking wrinkle relaxing injections or dermal fillers. 
Try skin conditioning and redensifying treatments like a course of Restylane Skin Boosters or Teosyal Redensity 1, to increase elasticity, hydration, smoothness and luminosity.
Another treatment which works really well to get the best effect from dermal fillers etc is to have a Dermaceutics Milk Peel before treatment.

A fabulous treatment to turn back time is to have a PDO Thread face lift, combined with fine "threads embedding," to produce more collagen and firmer, plumper skin.
Following a PDO thread lift a course of dermarolling is advised. But even better than that, we can offer Innopen treatments combined with the application of anti-ageing serum or hyaluronic acid. The uptake by the skin is several hundred per cent better due to its ability to sink deep into the skin's basal layers through the thousands of micro channels caused by the Innopen.  

Protein Rich Plasma therapy, which has been popularised by the name "The Vampire Face Lift" is another treatment which can be a stand alone treatment, but is much better taken as a monthly course for several months.
It works well to target areas of concern, such as crepey eyes and necks, or dermarolled into the full face, neck and decollete.
Like dermarolling, or an Innopen treatment, this is an excellent treatment following a PDO thread lift, harnessing the body's own ability to regenerate new more youthful skin.
Going one step further, the results of PRP can be dramatically improved by having blood taken immediately after an Intravita IV drip, as the very high serum level of Vitamin C is very beneficial to the skin.  If you have an IV treatment so the blood serum vitamin c is very high, then have PRP and thread lifts, we can inject along the length of each thread with your own protein rich plasma.  

As always, we highly recommend a free consultation to determine the best treatments for you.  Consultations are relaxed and informal with no pressure to accept any treatments.  They are just an informal way of exploring the different treatments available.  

If we can help you to look your absolute best, please give us a call.  


Confidence: Why you have the right to feel amazing.

Why is it that we are all so afraid to feel fabulous about ourselves?  This question has bothered me for a long time.  I am yet to meet anyone who looks in the mirror and focuses on the things that they love.  Is it because we were taught humility as children?  Taught not to be vain, boastful or proud?  Is it because we were 'taken down a peg or two' if we were 'too big for our boots'?  Or that we heard the phrase 'well she certainly loves herself doesn't she?' spoken in a derogrative and critical manner.  Did we learn to be afraid  to feel good about ourselves in case we attracted derision?

Whatever the reason, it seems to be deeply ingrained in everyone I know.  Well I'm here to tell you that you have every right to love who you are and to wake up every day feeling amazing.  In fact not only do you have that right, you should exercise that right EVERY DAY.  Feeling amazing feels…well…amazing. 

I don't think anyone should have to change anything about themselves to feel confident.  I believe you are beautiful exactly as you are.

But I also believe in choice.  I believe you should be able to choose to change anything that bothers you or stops you from feeling wonderful about yourself.  Because you deserve to feel fantastic. 

If that means losing weight, gaining weight, having a brilliant haircut, filling in the bags under your eyes, removing the lines and wrinkles that life has etched upon your face, having fuller lips or any other treatment that would help you personally to feel amazing, then why shouldn't you? As long as you do it safely of course.

Get up every day and LOVE who you are.  You absolutely deserve it.



It’s all about the Guys

A common question we get asked is "Does that work for guys?" and it's usually followed by "How discreet is your service?"

The answers,  of course,  are yes it works for guys and we are very discreet.  

But it always make me think 'why?'. Why are guys so afraid for people to know that they care about themselves?  Do we really still live in a society where only women are 'supposed' to look great and feel great? I STILL hear people say that a guy having pamper treatments isn't manly!  Why is it not? Why should a guy not enjoy a relaxing and indulging treatment that feels fantastic? Having a massage or a treatment that makes a guy look and feel great, does not take away his strength,  does not remove his courage, does not make him less of a man. What about a guy who has deep lines or bags under his eyes,  who wants to look and feel great? Would having a treatment, make him weaker or less brave? No! I'm absolutely sure of that answer.  Want to know why?  Because if we say that having treatments somehow takes away courage and strength,  then that means we ladies are saying that we are weak. And we are not – we are strong, courageous and beautifully brave. 

So guys,  walk tall and be proud. But if you don't agree, that's ok ,  we take your privacy very seriously will support your decision for discretion. After all,  some of us ladies prefer discretion too!



Tear Troughs

I think doing tear troughs is my very favourite treatment as it makes such an immediate difference to the way people look; and even more so, to how they feel about themselves.

The very best results are obtained on young people with firm skin and it is amazing how many young people have a tear trough deficit! Genetics are the problem! If a person looks hollow eyed and tired, you can almost guarantee one of their parents also look hollow eyed. Obviously, if there is a deficit when a person is young, it only worsens with age.

I love the wow factor of filling tear troughs. My customers are usually thrilled and cannot believe the difference.

It is also the treatment which I think makes the biggest single difference to how old a person looks. If a customer has hollow eyes and can only afford one treatment….this is the one that should be chosen.

I've just added the most recent before and after pics of tear trough treatment to our gallery.  It's the last picture under samples of our work.  Why not take a look?  The after pic is immediately after treatment – it looks even better after a day or two!!