It’s all about the Guys

A common question we get asked is "Does that work for guys?" and it's usually followed by "How discreet is your service?"

The answers,  of course,  are yes it works for guys and we are very discreet.  

But it always make me think 'why?'. Why are guys so afraid for people to know that they care about themselves?  Do we really still live in a society where only women are 'supposed' to look great and feel great? I STILL hear people say that a guy having pamper treatments isn't manly!  Why is it not? Why should a guy not enjoy a relaxing and indulging treatment that feels fantastic? Having a massage or a treatment that makes a guy look and feel great, does not take away his strength,  does not remove his courage, does not make him less of a man. What about a guy who has deep lines or bags under his eyes,  who wants to look and feel great? Would having a treatment, make him weaker or less brave? No! I'm absolutely sure of that answer.  Want to know why?  Because if we say that having treatments somehow takes away courage and strength,  then that means we ladies are saying that we are weak. And we are not – we are strong, courageous and beautifully brave. 

So guys,  walk tall and be proud. But if you don't agree, that's ok ,  we take your privacy very seriously will support your decision for discretion. After all,  some of us ladies prefer discretion too!



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