Tear Troughs

I think doing tear troughs is my very favourite treatment as it makes such an immediate difference to the way people look; and even more so, to how they feel about themselves.

The very best results are obtained on young people with firm skin and it is amazing how many young people have a tear trough deficit! Genetics are the problem! If a person looks hollow eyed and tired, you can almost guarantee one of their parents also look hollow eyed. Obviously, if there is a deficit when a person is young, it only worsens with age.

I love the wow factor of filling tear troughs. My customers are usually thrilled and cannot believe the difference.

It is also the treatment which I think makes the biggest single difference to how old a person looks. If a customer has hollow eyes and can only afford one treatment….this is the one that should be chosen.

I've just added the most recent before and after pics of tear trough treatment to our gallery.  It's the last picture under samples of our work.  Why not take a look?  The after pic is immediately after treatment – it looks even better after a day or two!!

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