Thread Lift

Redefine Medical Aesthetics are very pleased to offer PDO thread lifting to West Cumbria.Pictured are some of the areas PDO threads can offer lifting,  skin tightening and new collagen formation.PDO is an abbreviation of Polydioxanone which is the material surgical sutures are made from. Therefore we know  they have an excellent, long standing safety profile.Depending on the area to be treated, and whether lifting; or rejuvenation and wrinkle relaxing of the skin is the desired aim; the correct type of thread is selected.Mono and Hurricane threads can be inserted into the skin in a mesh / grid pattern. This will result in rejuvenation and tightening of the skin via new collagen production.
Cog threads on the other hand are barbed, and actually lift and anchor sagging skin and folds, like the neck and jowls. They tend to be inserted in a fan pattern, or like the fingers of an outspread hand to hold back sagging and provide lift. (Remember the famous playtex girdle advert from many years ago?) The threads are very fine, so they are invisible when in situ under the skin.To make the procedure as comfortable as possible it is carried out under local anaesthetic.After insertion, each needle is given a twist, which makes the collagen fibres twist around it in a whirlwind type formation which stimulates the production of more collagen.That is the secret of this wonderful procedure. It isn't like putting make up on to mask something; it ACTUALLY  REJUVENATES  AND  LIFTS  THE  SKIN.
It has a similar effect on wrinkles to botox. It relaxes them.You may be wondering what happens to the threads?
The very fine mono threads dissolve in just days, but are there long enough to do their work. The tougher stronger cogs; take 7 to 8 months to dissolve.The results however, last for about 2 years.Contraindications to this wonderful treatment are: infection at injection site, pregnancy, cancer, and anti – coagulant therapy to name a few.It goes therefore without saying that the most common side effect is bruising and swelling. The bruising may be considerable and down time must be expected and planned for accordingly.To make your appointment for a free no – obligation consultation please contact us via our website.We believe we are the first company to offer this exciting procedure in the county. We hope to see you soon.
Thread Lift