Confidence: Why you have the right to feel amazing.

Why is it that we are all so afraid to feel fabulous about ourselves?  This question has bothered me for a long time.  I am yet to meet anyone who looks in the mirror and focuses on the things that they love.  Is it because we were taught humility as children?  Taught not to be vain, boastful or proud?  Is it because we were 'taken down a peg or two' if we were 'too big for our boots'?  Or that we heard the phrase 'well she certainly loves herself doesn't she?' spoken in a derogrative and critical manner.  Did we learn to be afraid  to feel good about ourselves in case we attracted derision?

Whatever the reason, it seems to be deeply ingrained in everyone I know.  Well I'm here to tell you that you have every right to love who you are and to wake up every day feeling amazing.  In fact not only do you have that right, you should exercise that right EVERY DAY.  Feeling amazing feels…well…amazing. 

I don't think anyone should have to change anything about themselves to feel confident.  I believe you are beautiful exactly as you are.

But I also believe in choice.  I believe you should be able to choose to change anything that bothers you or stops you from feeling wonderful about yourself.  Because you deserve to feel fantastic. 

If that means losing weight, gaining weight, having a brilliant haircut, filling in the bags under your eyes, removing the lines and wrinkles that life has etched upon your face, having fuller lips or any other treatment that would help you personally to feel amazing, then why shouldn't you? As long as you do it safely of course.

Get up every day and LOVE who you are.  You absolutely deserve it.